If you are new to Yoga...Welcome!

If you would like to come along to a class and you haven't practised yoga before, the following information should be useful.


It is usual to wear a T. shirt and sweater with leggings or jogging bottoms, preferably not too baggy at the knee, so I may check for safe knee alignment.   We work in bare feet but socks are comfortable for the relaxation at the end.  Please bring a blanket or sleeping bag, which is pleasant for the relaxation.  If you have a yoga mat, please bring it.  If not, I do have yoga mats I can lend to beginners and I can advise you what sort to buy if you decide to continue.


To ensure good digestion before a class, please leave at least four hours after a large meal, or two hours after a light meal.


If you have any health problems it would help if you would let me know before the class e.g. hypertension or back or knee problems etc.

The Monday private classes last for 1½ hours and are £10.00 or, if you are a student, unemployed or retired, they are £8.00.

You are welcome to pay on a 'drop-in' basis and are not committed to paying in advance,